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    A Summary of the Book Cultural Cycles & Climate Change

    In this exemplary work the author shows that understanding the systematic cycles at the core of all human wisdom and cultures enables us to honestly acknowledge the current challenges to our humanity and to follow the time-tested guidelines offered by many traditions for the awakening of our consciousness to make decisions relating more to the service of the common good, rather than for my own personal benefit. This excellent book highlights the direction that human culture and wisdom should be moving towards in the future.


    It shows a unique cycle of time amounting to 854 years, divided into 4 stages. The focus is the historical impact over the last 2500 years of these cycles on the four prominent world cultures; the Western European/American; Chinese, Indian and Arabic/Islamic.

    The results of the historical analysis shows clearly that we are at a stage where more attention needs to be given to quiet reflective thought, a turning inward to seek knowledge, happiness and peace. Our highly active materialistic oriented society, where the spiritual realm has become sidelined, is one where great stress and tension is being experienced on an unprecedented level. More Quiet Time is the first step. When the mind is in a more calm and balanced state, then we need to examine the values that are the basis for our daily decisions. Those which seem very prominent today are wealth, power, fame and pleasure, which interestingly were the values spoken of existing at the final stage of the Roman Empire. What is offered is selection of fine natural values, which if lived will refine how we think, relate to others and act.


    The natural consequence of living such values is a resolve to share with others, which takes the form of providing service. In its fullest manifestation this means serving humanity. The most pressing need for service is to make a positive contribution to deal with Climate Change. Many people are in denial claiming that we are on a positive road and our way of life does not need changing. Material is presented in the book about the observable and measurable problems and also some recommendations from key sources about how we all can help improve the situation.

    Working in the present moment enables us to build a better future sustainably, creatively and universally and will help engage the entire human community. Our shared destiny demands that the resources of wisdom, knowledge and capability of all, contribute to the success of this striving. If we follow the excellent advice, set out clearly for the reader in the author’s Nine Step Action Plan, there will be greater social cohesion and yes, true wealth for all.

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  • Praise for the Book

    “No one who reads this book with an open mind and heart could fail to be moved, in their own unique way, along their own pathway into wisdom and its great fruit, compassion.”

    Fr Laurence Freeman, Director, World Community of Christian Meditation, author of several books on Contemplation, Meditation and Silence, France



    A bold and intelligent revival of an ancient system of knowledge.”

    Brian Hodgkinson, Historian, author of several books including Advancement of Western Civilisation (3 volumes), United Kingdom


    “Paul Palmarozza's grand review of the historic cultural cycles of East and West shows us that we all are in deep trouble, unless we can learn from the past and turn away from our self-absorbed materialism to rediscover our essential human values, particularly those of love and service to others”.

    Charles Fowler, Chairman, Human Values Foundation, co-ordinator of World Values Day, Steering Group of Values Alliance, United Kingdom


    “This book provides a clear insight into what all of us need to do to bring about a true 21st Century Renaissance. If we follow the excellent advice offered in this book, there will be greater social cohesion and, yes, true wealth for all, notwithstanding a certain economic and ecologic decline. This book by Paul is an absolute must read and then we need to apply the Nine Steps. Each of us and all of us together.”

    Hans Leewens, Founder and Chairman, Charity Resourcement, author and lecturer on a 21st Century Renaissance, British Virgin Islands


    “This book is one to treasure. Revealing in a crystallised manner, that the core of human wisdom and cultures has come about in systematic cycles, throughout the story of man and civilisation. In his review of these cycles, Paul Palmarozza, shows that the focus on this subject, is of great necessity in our time, raising consciousness to the challenges we are currently facing and highlighting the direction that human culture and wisdom should be moving towards in the future.”

    Prof Brikha Nasoraia, Professor, Arabic, Semitics and History of Religions, University of Sydney, Australia


    “Works like ‘Cultural Cycles & Climate Change’ are essential software to help us towards this joined awareness. From the extensive reading and deep learning of the author the work, presented as ‘cycles’ is a compact, insightful and essential education on our collective heritage.”

    Kamalesh Sharma, former Secretary General of the Commonwealth, India


    “This book shows the strong need to think in cultural cycles instead of promoting an ever up going line of development. It uniquely emphasises the influence of the cyclic format of time on mankind, and the explicit need to apply consciousness to support the natural flow of events as indicated by the planets and the stars.”

    Jan Willem van Doorn, Master of Hindu Studies, Vedic Astrology, Netherlands


    “A wonderful and compelling story that communicates the subtlest of spiritual messages.”

    John Adago, author of East Meets West, Ancient Wisdom, The StoryTeller, United States

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